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New custom Bane Dunk High

It’s here, the week of STGCC and to kick it off is a sneaker update! I have been basically living in my studio for the last few weeks getting things ready for the con and the first new shoe I put together is this Bane Dunk High. The blacks are contrasted with a matte and … Continue reading


Dunny and Micro MUNNY series for STGCC

Hi guys! I am off to STGCC in a week so its time to show you a few more things I have made for the event. First up is two blind box series, both the Micro MUNNY and Dunny series are of 3″scale and have 4 pieces in total. The Dunny series has a range … Continue reading


Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention appearance details

What’s happening everyone?! STGCC is only 2 weeks away so I thought it was about time I put up my official appearance details so if you are in attendance and wanted to come by and say hello you would know where to find me. Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention 6 & 7 Sep 2014 … Continue reading


Codename Thug Mode Mascot

I have a number of Mascots stashed away for fun projects and I decided to break one open for this Thug Mode custom. This was a freestyle piece, no planning just begun and waited to see where it ended up. I am really happy with the result, the hands and use of black really seem … Continue reading


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