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Galactus Air Jordan V

I have been working on these for a while and finally they are ready to be released on the world! My latest custom is based upon the Marvel comic character Galactus, the devourer of worlds. The custom is focused around the components of his character design while still staying true to the form of the … Continue reading


South Beach Inspired Air Jordan III

These Air Jordan IIIs have been created as an evolution to the previously posted Designer Air Jordan III. They were to be the same as the designer pair but with a teal midsole. Once the detail was done it really resembled the South Beach theme so we decided to go after it. A few slight … Continue reading


Designer Air Jordan III

I am on a spree of custom Jordan IIIs at the moment, there is no conscious decision for this to be the case but it definitely appears to be the base sneaker of choice at the moment. Today I present the ‘Designer’ Air Jordan III based on a number of high end sneaker colorways. I … Continue reading


‘I got Game’ Air Jordan XIII

Its amazing just how much of a difference simply blacking out the toebox on the recently released 3M Air Jordan XIII makes. To me and the proud owner of the shoes Modz this is the way they should have looked on release day, the panelling on this shoe just flows so well now and you … Continue reading


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